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Diversity & Inclusion


All employees of First National Bank Weatherford must comply with the terms of this policy and procedures, immediately.



First National Bank Weatherford is committed to providing a work environment that is free of discrimination. In keeping with this commitment, the Bank prohibits any unlawful discrimination. This policy applies to all employees, including managers and non-managerial employees. We hold our leaders accountable for building diverse teams and fostering an inclusive environment. This accountability starts with our CEO and the DIVERSITY OFFICER, who oversees and directs the Bank’s diversity and inclusion efforts. For the purposes of this policy statement, the Agencies define “diversity” to refer to minorities as defined in section 342 (g) (3) of the Dodd Frank Act (any Black American, Native American, Hispanic American, or Asian American) and women.

First National Bank Weatherford offers development programs designed to build an inclusive environment, promote a respectful workplace for all employees. We conduct training and provide educational opportunities on equal employment opportunity and on diversity and inclusion.

First National Bank Weatherford holds management at all levels accountable for diversity and inclusion efforts. Management ensures that such efforts align with the Bank’s business strategy.

It is our policy to provide a full spectrum of businesses with the opportunity to compete on a fair and equal basis for our business and, ideally, to expand and grow while working with us. We may use qualified businesses where opportunities exist, promote strategic partnerships and engage a number of external stakeholders in support of our efforts. We continue to make progress expanding the reach of our vendor diversity and inclusion efforts.

First National Bank Weatherford continues to inform all of its employees and board of directors on related policies and practices. Our website includes this Policy Statement so our community, vendors, potential employees, etc. are aware of our continued effort to promote inclusion.



Changes to this policy require approval by the Board of Directors of the Bank.

The Board of Directors has the authority to approve this policy, and annually approves the merit thereafter. Senior Management is responsible for ensuring the directives are implemented and administered in compliance with the approved policy.

The primary responsibility for enforcement of this policy and its operating procedures rests with the DIVERSITY OFFICER and our employees.

No part of this policy or its supporting operating procedures should be interpreted as contravening or superseding any other legal and regulatory requirements placed upon the Bank. Protective measures should not impede other legally mandated processes such as records retention or subpoenas. Any conflicts should be submitted immediately to the Diversity Officer for further evaluation and/or subsequent submission to the Bank’s legal counsel.


Workforce Profile and Employment Practices

The Bank implements policies and practices related to workforce diversity and inclusion in a manner that complies with all applicable laws.

On a periodic basis, the bank will prepare a diversity profile of the existing staff to determine areas of concern. This analysis will be reported to the HR DEPARTMENT and Diversity Officer. If areas of concern are noted, the recruiting practices will be re-evaluated. This analysis will be broken down by department and will follow the guidelines set forth in the affirmative action requirements.

The Bank ensures equal employment opportunities for all employees and applicants for employment and does not engage in unlawful employment discrimination based on gender, race, or ethnicity. First National Bank Weatherford considers diversity and inclusion in both employment and contracting as an important part of our strategic plan for recruiting, hiring, retention and promotion.

It is the policy of the Bank to create diverse applicant pools for both internal and external opportunities that will include:
• Outreach to veterans and employment organizations;
• Outreach to educational institutions.

The Bank holds management at all levels accountable for diversity and inclusion efforts, by ensuring that such efforts align with business strategies and individual performance plans.


Procurement and Business Practices—Supplier Diversity

It is the policy of the Bank to provide minority-owned and women-owned businesses with the opportunity to compete on a fair and equal basis for our business. In addition to minority-owned and women-owned businesses, the Bank provides a full spectrum of businesses with the fair opportunity to compete for procurement of business goods and services.


Practices to Promote Transparency of Organizational Diversity and Inclusion

The Bank is transparent with respect to its diversity and inclusion activities by making the following information available to the public annually through its Web site or other appropriate communication methods:
• The Bank’s policy on its commitment to diversity and inclusion; and
• Opportunities available at the Bank that promote diversity, which may include:
• Current employment and procurement opportunities; Self-Assessment


The Bank conducts self-assessments of its diversity policies and practices periodically.

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