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Realize the benefit of automation. Let these convenient services bring efficiency and accuracy to your business.


ACH Cash Management


Want to speed the collection of payments from your customers?  Tired of writing checks to your vendors?  Don’t want to wait in line at the bank to send a wire?  Cash Management from First National Bank is an easy solution to all of these needs.

Our Cash Management system utilizes the Automated Clearing House (ACH) to electronically send and receive funds. ACH Cash Management provides commercial clients complete centralized ACH origination capabilities. This capability includes single entry debit and credit origination, scheduled recurring debit transactions, direct deposit of payroll, direct debit programs, corporate to corporate transactions, online wire transfers, and a full line of reports intended to help the cash management professional manage their companies cash flow.

Why use our ACH Cash Management?

  • Initiate and manage ACH transactions
  • Transfer funds from internal or external accounts
    • Commissions and Corporate-to-Corporate payments
    • Company benefits
    • Pensions & annuity distributions
  • Manage payroll and collections
    • Offer clients’ employees the option to directly deposit their pay to any U.S. bank.
    • Save the time and expense of preparing all those payroll checks
    • Employees no longer need to stand in line at the bank to deposit their checks

What’s the bottom line on our ACH Cash Management?

ACH Cash Management makes it possible for commercial clients to access a secure, reliable, high volume, online ACH cash management services. ACH Cash Management automates your commercial customer’s connection with your financial institution, while opening new opportunities for you to blend personal service with internet technology. More importantly, it creates an additional delivery channel to drive incremental products, services, and customer retention for your commercial clients.

ACH Cash Management is a cost-effective way to pay suppliers and employees. It is a low-cost alternative to check writing that helps commercial clients manage account balances. By facilitating payments through the Automated Clearing House, ACH Cash Management helps clients slash expenses for printing, distributing, and reconciling paper checks, and determines the date of settlement of account.

ACH Cash Management delivers:

  • Initiate and manage ACH transactions
  • Transfer funds from internal or external accounts

Give us a call and we will process your request for ACH Cash Management.  Subject to Credit Approval.

Positive Pay

Our Positive Pay service is an automated business to business check matching process which is run out of our Account Reconciliation service and is available for clients who meet the service requirements. Your issued check list is matched to the daily paid items and exception items (i.e. items that are not contained in the checks issued file you have supplied us and therefore may be fraudulent) are identified. They are then captured on a daily report and referred to you for pay/no pay instructions.

Why use Positive Pay?

  • May reduce potential exposure related to check fraud.
  • Identifies exception items at the time of presentment, rather than during subsequent statement reconciliation.
  • Limits the reconciliation process to unmatched items only.
  • Upon request, copies of specific exception items can be faxed to you for review.

What’s the bottom line on Positive Pay?

Positive Pay will help you to more quickly identify potentially fraudulent and other exception items and allow you to promptly instruct our bank to return any such item(s) to the negotiating financial institution.

Service Features

  • Electronic matching is based on check serial number and the encoded amount.
  • Checks matching information on the issued check file you provide us are automatically paid.
  • You will receive a full account reconciliation at the end of your accounting period.


Give us a call and we will activate Positive Pay on your existing Online Banking user account.

Remote Deposit

Scan and deposit hundreds of checks from the convenience of your office!

Today, you can make bank deposits from your office any time of the day or night! Technology has arrived that will allow you to scan checks for deposit to your account with First National Bank from the convenience of your office. To make a deposit, you no longer have to drive to the Bank during “banking” hours. With the latest improvement in electronic banking, check processing is a lot more convenient.

What are the benefits?

  • Commercial clients may transmit check images for deposit to the Bank.
  • The depositor will have a correct deposit total before transmitting.
  • The depositor will receive confirmation of the transaction via the internet.
  • The depositor may retain the original checks for destruction or retention.
  • The deposit is posted to the account when received by the Bank.

Remote Deposit combines the image processing with your online banking system. It’s easy to implement and directly benefits your business.

You can save time and money handling your deposit needs from the convenience of your office. All you need to get started is a special scanner and the software from First National Bank. Come by or call to visit with Your Personal Banker to get the details on remote deposit and to start making deposits from your office.

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